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Gluten Free Bisquick Review

I am impressed.....these are actually pretty good (at least as pancakes). I have not yet found these at my local grocery store, but my mother in law has privileges to shop on the military base and that is where she found them. She said they were reasonably priced there too.

First off it makes a small batch which is perfect for my family since it is only 2 of us eating them. 1 cup of bisquick, 1 cup milk, 2 tbsp oil and 1 egg makes about 10 pancakes. I subbed water for the milk and they turned out great. My first pancake the batter was way too thick so I added a tad more water to thin it out. These pancakes didn't really get that golden brown color, so I am not sure if it was my stove heat or the fact that I did not use milk. They were more of a yellow whitish color but besides the color the taste was yummy. They were much thicker than my other gluten free mixes I use. I really liked them and look forward to using this mix again.

The box also had other directions to use the mix as well (waffles, biscuits & strawberry shortcake). If I get bold enough I may use it beyond the pancake and waffle recipes.