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Chicken Pot Pie

I got this recipe from Live Gluten Freely called Chicken Pot Pie. I was just waiting for a cold rainy day to make it and finally we got our first one today! Due to the soy and casein allergy, in addition to the gluten one, in my home I had to alter the recipe to make it work. The recipe called for Corn chowder and when I checked on a can it had milk and soy in it so I had to find something else. Then I came across Imagine Creamy harvest corn soup it sounded perfect. The top layer is made from gluten free bisquick. I also had to alter that recipe as well using my Earth Balance soy free butter and So Delicious coconut milk. The directions call for the bisquick to just be dropped ontop of the soup. I was skeptical that this would really work but I tried it anyways especially since the website I got it from had a picture of the end result.

I can say it looked great when it came out but my skeptical family members were not sure why I called it pot pie since it looked nothing like a gluten filled pot pie they were used to. When I scooped it out it was more soupy like but add the biscuit to it and it kinda thickened up. The taste was yummy and almost everyone went back for seconds, my 7 yr old was not too thrilled with the look and texture and also that veggies were mixed in so he obviously did not have seconds.

I can say I will definitely make this recipe again. Next time I may add some potatoes to help thicken it up and maybe double the bisquick part so it can completely cover the top as more crust like.