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Product & Restraunte Reviews

Well first off I like to review 2 "granola type bars". First I bought Nature Valley Gluten Free Peanut Crunch. This is so good sometimes I can't help myself to just 1. It has a nice sweet and savory flavor and is pretty crunchy. I wish they would make a less crunchy one but overall this one is good and very easy to find in the grocery stores along side the other Nature Valley bars.

My next granola bar review is Bakery On Main peanut butter chocolate granola bar. I have to say I am extremely disappointed in this bar. The smell is horrid and the taste made me want to throw up. I could not even come close to eating the whole bar without feeling sick. I will not buy it again and actually since I got it at whole foods I am gonna return the rest of the box because I know they will refund my money. It is also kinda pricey as well.

Then I decided I would give BJ's Brewery a try on their gluten free pizza crust. I kinda went out on a limb here since I have not yet verified if the crust is also casein and soy free but I was out with some family and took the risk. I ordered a ham and pineapple with no cheese. It came out perfectly, except they seemed to leave out on much red sauce. It is a thin crust pizza and is rather large compared to others. It was both crispy and soft crust and the taste was fantastic. The price was extremely affordable in comparison with other eat out places that charge extra for a gluten free crust. I will definitely eat this again, well once I verify the ingredients ofcorse!

Update on the crust:
I got ahold of someone and the manager read me the ingredients:
rice flour, tapioca flour,water, potato flour, olive oil, sugar, yeast,salt and seasonings (and it says free of gluten,soy,dairy and egg)