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2nd tries on Choice Batter & Bisquick for pot pie

Just wanted to give an update on a few recipes that I tried again.
So a couple entries ago I made a chicken pot pie with gluten free bisquick on top, well I made it again and this time I doubled the bisquick recipe and it made a full crust over the top and thickened up the entire dish. So definitely something to try if you plan to make it but warning you may need a bigger cooking dish mine almost overflowed with this change.

Next I was given a tip from a friend on how to get the Choice batter to stick better to the fried foods. She told me to roll it in rice flour first and also slightly flour it after the batter was on. I made chicken nuggets last night doing these steps and it was so yummy. The breading stuck and didn't stick too much to the fry basket. The nuggets were crispy and crunchy and so good!