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English Muffins & Tarts oh my........

Well my sons teacher has raved about Food for Life's gluten free english muffins and how I need to try them. Well I finally remembered to look for them on my last Whole Foods shopping trip. There are 6 in a package and they are rather large which impressed me right away. They are also free of all dairy and free of soy too which is another bonus and must for my family. I decided since I had some bacon I was gonna make a bacon and egg McMuffin. I toasted the english muffin in the toaster and then added my egg and bacon to it and bit right in..... oh it was so filling. I felt like 1 was almost too much for me to eat. I tried it another day just toasted with butter and I was not impressed at all. I am gonna try them one other time tonight to make mini pizzas and I will let you know how it turns out.

Now I stumbled across a recipe using Pamela's gluten free bread mix. Now previously I have only used the bread mix for pizza crust but decided to use one of their other suggestions. The suggestion was to make Pop tart. I thought hey that sounds good and I just got a bunch of apples so what the heck let me try it. Now ofcorse my shapes looked nothing that would resemble a pop tart but oh man they were delicious! I made several pizza pocket style like tarts and then I also made some in a muffin pan too. They are so good that they didn't last 3 days in my home. For my filling I just cut and peeled gala apples and added some sugar and a tad of cinnamon. It reminded me of apple pie. The crust was crunchy and so good. Did I mention how yummy these are???? You definately got to try this recipe. This is my new favorite and I plan on making it again real soon!