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Battered Cod Fish & Taste of Tuscany reviews

first off in November at our local Raley's in the frozen food isle next to the fish sticks my 15 yr old discovered a package of battered frozen cod that said gluten free. She yelled for me to come and see...funny she isn't even on my allergy diet and gets excited when she found this new product. I read it over and yes it was safe. I bought it and tried it the next day. The filets are a variety of sizes from decent size to tiny size. I deep fried them in my fryer for about 4 minutes. Oh my heavens they were delicious. Crispy and crunchy and the fish was excellent it was everything I had remembered battered cod to taste like. The company called Starfish sells 3 different types of fish but so far I have only tried the cod. I highly recommend it!

2nd review- The Taste of Tuscany (located off Roseville Rd/Antelope)

This is a little hole in the wall place that has been close by for a couple years now. I never would have thought to stop by as it is an Italian place so one would just assume it is full of glutinous food. Well it is but they also offer a few gluten free options as well. The owners have a good friend who has celiac disease and with her help they are expanding their gluten free menu. A friend of mine stumbled across the gluten free sign and told me about this place. I talked in great length with the owner and I really got a great feeling for the place. He is aware the pasta needs it's own pan of water and it's own utensils to help avoid cross contamination. They offer, as of early December, pizza, pasta and bread sticks which is all gluten free,soy free and can be made dairy free.

I ordered pasta with marinara,bread sticks and pizza. The pizza and bread sticks were a tad over cooked and part of that would be due to the fact I can not have cheese. Next time I may bring my own safe cheese and ask them to use it or just ask them to reduce the cooking time. They were great to accommodate my allergies and I will definitely go back there again. I think for lunch next time as their dinner prices can be a tad steep. However the items I ordered totaled $8 but that was because it wasn't one of their speciality dishes. They do charge an additional $1.50 to make the dish gluten free.