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So Delicious Chocolate milk & a smoothie

A few months ago So Delicious announced their new line of small portable coconut milks. I was so excited to finally have something small to pack in my sons lunch box. They have several flavors including chocolate, yahoo! What kid or big kid doesn't like chocolate milk. I waited impatiently for my local whole foods to get the new product in and I requested it every week and finally this week it was there! It is an 8 pack of 6.5 oz containers of milk. I tried one the other day and it is so good! I just love this company, they listen to their consumers and create product we will love. Um I take full credit for suggesting portable juice box size milks last year on the facebook the chocolate idea that was just a bonus :)

Now.....magic bullet time.....I am so loving my magic bullet I got at Costco for like $45. My friend recently made a chocolate smoothie well I came up with my own chocolate smoothie packed full of good stuff(she uses more sugar and coco powder & sunflower seed butter instead of p-nut and also sometimes adds some coffee). I adapted my friends recipe to make it my own. I don't like it too coco so I use less coco powder than my friend did. so in the magic bullet take a few ice cubs or crushed ice, 1 tbsp of coco powder, 1 cup of So Delicious Coconut milk, 1 tbsp of p-nut butter and 2 drops of stevia liquid. Turn on the magic bullet until all ice is crushed and drink and enjoy.