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Frozen go-gurt Coconut style

So I recently came across the 100 Days of real food website and I came across how this family packs school lunches. Since I know this lady is not buying the non healthy commerical advertised go-gurts I was happy to see she had an alternative in a go-gurt style container. Ofcorse I adapted it to fit my dietary needs to be free of soy and dairy. I took 1 16 oz container of So Delicious Coconut milk vanilla flavored yogurt and put it in my magic bullet with 3 strawberries and fired it up. Then I spooned in about 3-4 oz inside the go-gurt style containers, put the lid on and then I placed them in the freezer for a few hours. When I took one out of freezer it didn't want to push out so I ran the bottom under some warm water and it popped it right up (I bet if you took it out in the morning and packed it in your lunch it would be perfect come lunch time). My son and I were so happy to have a yummy frozen treat. I would leave maybe 1 inch space when filling to allow for any expansion of the contents.

Below is how I placed them in my freezer so the liquid would stay upright inside container.

FYI- I also tried this with some Simply Apple juice and it popped right up, I did not need to run it under warm water at all so there might be some chemistry- science reason between adding a liquid only or adding a thicker liquid/solid and freezing it.