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Mass product review

Amy & Scotts Gluten free pretzels-

They were yummy and soft. Only 2 in a package and kinda expensive but definitely a nice treat. They warmed up easy in the microwave but I wasn't able to get the salt to stick. For the best taste use the oven.

Justins dark chocolate peanutbutter cups-

OMG! I love these. They are vegan and free of gluten/soy. I am hooked I've been clearing the shelves everytime I go to the store. So reminds me of another brand I use to eat years ago. Expensive but worth it!

Nature valley original gluten free waffles-

I was shocked to find these at Costco and even more shocked that they are vegan. Now they are not completely soy free but u know my family tolerates soy oil. These are pretty tasty and cook up quite nicely in the toaster. They are much bigger than I would expect too. Kinda reminds me of another brand too.

Pamela's single serve brownie mix-

Now I've tried in the past to make cake in a mug recipe and they've never worked but this did. I made it in a bowl and it was so easy to make. I topped it with some marshmallows and it was so yummy. I am definitely going to buy this again because it is a cheap and easy treat to have onhand.