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Big Spoon frozen yogurt

I have stopped in on this establishment about a year or more ago but could not eat anything due to all the yogurt or self serve icecream had dairy or soy in it.  I recently got a flyer in the mail that mentioned some new flavors and they were sorbet.  I hoped on the web to their site and was happy to find all the sorbet flavors were free of dairy and soy.  Somehow I misplaced my coupons :( but we decided to stop by and try them out.  My son and I got watermelon sorbet , however the sign above it just said watermelon non dairy and the clerk there was clueless if that was sorbet until he went in the back to get the mix.  I read the mix and it says sorbet right on the box and all ingredients I verified we could have.  It was pretty tastey treat and I hope the sorbets are something they keep year round and not just for the summer.