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Gluten free, soy free & dairy free cheesecake

So I've wanted cheesecake but I never can find one that is free of soy, dairy and gluten. A few months ago a vegan/soy free non dairy cheese company called Daiya announced a new item cream cheese.  I was so excited and waited months for it to finally reach my area.  So I bought some and began my search for a cheesecake recipe. I couldn't find one to fit my needs so I created my own. I used 1 tub of daiya plain cream cheese,1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup of So Delicious coconut vanilla yogurt. For the crust I crumbled up 1 box of Enjoy life crunchy graham cookies and mixed in some coconut oil.

It was an amazing cheesecake. Super yummy and I am so happy. It holds up well even after 2 hours in the refrigerator. I can't wait to try the strawberry flavor next time.