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Mass Gluten Free Product Review

Bear with me as I do a mass product review on several items I've tried lately.

First off let's start with some gluten free items to hit the shelves at Costco on the West Coast. I am excited that Costco is expanding and trying new products in their store I really think it is a good venture. I just wish they really took the time to research what products people like and are willing to buy more than once. All I can say is thank goodness Costco has a good return policy even on opened food. Ancient Grain Pancake and Waffle Mix- I was very excited because we love pancakes and a Costco sized bag for the same price as a small one was tempting. BUT this particular brand was so icky. The pancakes did not fluff up at all. I was able to choke them down with extra butter and syrup but my kids would not eat any after the first bite.
Essential Baking multiseed bread- I think I've been too spoiled with another brand because I could not even stomach one bite of this bread. It had a really bad smell and the taste was so horrible.

Next off let's review some snack foods.
Goldfish Mega puffs- These are actually really tastey but not at all like the regular gold fish. They have the same fish look but they are really a puffed snack. It kinda reminded me of Pirates Booty. I like them and would try them again. FYI- these are not dairy free and not that healthy for you.

Van's Say Cheese- Oh my I think I am in love! These crackers are so super yummy and they kinda remind me of the flavor of a cheezit and gold fish cracker combined but much healthier for you. My only complaint is they are so much smaller than I would have guessed they would be. FYI- they contain oat & dairy

Tonya's Gluten free Kitchen Soft Pretzel bites- These are so yummy but it is very easy to over cook in the microwave so just keep checking on them. It reminded me of a soft baked pretzel from the mall. FYI- these also contain some bit of dairy (butter)

S'Better Beef Corndogs- I was completely surprised by these. While they are small they are very filling. They taste best when cooked in the oven so that the outer part is slightly crispy. I was reminded of my state fair corndogs when I was a kid. My son loved these and if he loves them many kids will (he is super picky). I also like that these hotdogs are natural without any fillers. This is also dairy free I think.