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Reviews of several gf foods

First off I was happy to find gf egg rolls. The brand is Feel Good Foods. They were so yummy and they browned and crisped up nicely in the oven. Very filling, I'm sad there isn't more in the box.

Next I tried Venice Bakery's calizone. Many food places I visit use this brand for pizza crust so I figured I would like it too. It was ok but I wasn't impressed. Basically it is just the crust folded in half. I guess I was just expecting it to be more flaky instead of hard and chewy. I wouldn't buy it again.

On my next shopping trip I was excited to see a brand Tortilla Land corn uncooked tortilla. When I got this home it was very hard to peel apart the tortillas without breaking them. They cooked up nicely and they tasted ok. I think I'd rather stick with the precooked ones from now on though.

My last review is Kashi gluten free cereal Indigo morning. I 
was pleasantly surprised to see Costco is taking more of an interest at selling gf food. I didn't know Kashi had a cereal like this. I really like it. It is a great low calorie choice and is crunchy and sweet but a healthier option. This is my new favorite cereal.