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Don't be afraid to Eat Out Gluten Free

The title says it all. Don't be afraid to eat out if you are gluten free. Now I must say if you are highly sensitive to possible cross contamination you might want to reconsider or just be extra cautious. Here are a few tips I have learned when eating out gluten free.

* Do your Research before you go*

 Ask friends who are gluten free for recommendations. Search the web for gluten free places and be sure to look at online review.  Don't let yourself get swayed by any bad reviews, go try it out and decide for yourself.

*Call ahead*

Definitely if you are having any concerns call the place ahead of time.  Over the phone you can find out if a specific gluten free item is indeed in stock because some places sell out quickly or don't order a big supply of gluten free if they don't have a high demand.  You can also talk with the chef and management about their practices of preparing the gluten free food items.

*Ask for chef*

When you arrive ask if you can discuss your gluten free concerns with one of the chefs who will prepare the food.  Most places really take their patrons concerns seriously and even more if it is an allergy.  Most of the time the chef or management are more than happy to come talk with you to make sure you can have a pleasant and safe dining experience.

*Tell others*

If you had a great experience be sure to leave a good review for the location and spread the good news to other gluten free friends.  The same goes for if your experience was not pleasant or you ended up getting sick; I would first recommend you talking with the place you ate at first and see if they can offer a solution or just to let them know so they can help prevent the problem for future patrons.

I hope these tips helped you.  If the location does not have a dedicated gluten free menu you can always order the safe go to items like salad with no croutons with dressing on the side and then a protein like chicken that is grilled without seasonings in a separate pan.  So go out there and enjoy some gluten free dining!