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Wow has it been 9 years

I know I have neglected my blog but a new friend of mine has encouraged me to start blogging again. I'm not making any promises but I'm going to give it a try. I just realized I have had a blog for like 9 years, wow! I also went back through my very first blog entry and I have also been gluten free for 9 years as well.

Gluten free food has certainly come a very long way these 9 years since I began this journey. Honestly I think I might have been off on my dates because I was for sure it has been 10 years but 9 or 10 whatever it is still a long time.  Sure I've had a few cheat days and accidental gluten here and there but overall I have led a gluten free lifestyle. Up until a year and half ago I was also eating a dairy free lifestyle too. Most days I am still dairy free but I do enjoy cheese (even if it upsets my tummy).

So 9-10 years ago hardly anyone knew what gluten was. And while that is likely still true today I think there are far more people aware of it and try their best to accommodate. Man I remember when I tried my first gluten free bread, yuck, I may as well eaten cardboard. Now a days it is easy to find some good tasting bread. What helped people become more aware is when some celebrities either found out that gluten made them sick or other celeb used it as a fad diet. While I'm not a fan of fad diets it brought it to light to companies to make better tasting gluten free foods!

Now gluten is labeled on all packaged food and laws are in place for regulations . Sure the regulations are far from perfect but it is a start. I look forward to where my gluten free adventures will take me next! I hope you can join me on my next adventure!