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Gluten Free Event at Whole Foods

This weekend my local Whole Foods in Roseville,CA held a Gluten Free event.  They offered workshops, cooking classes, info on gluten free and several vendors with samples.  I've tried so many gluten free products that were new to me and they were fabulous. The samples to take home were very generous.  Some of my favorite products I tasted were Amy's black bean & quinoa gluten free burrito and also Manini's four cheese gluten free raviolis. I will give a full product review with photos at a later time.

Besides the freebies one of the best deals I got was a free subscription box and 50% off my first order.  The company is called Love with Food.  So far I'm impressed with my free box and looking forward to my next one coming in the mail. (Stay Tuned for reviews)

Overall I think it was a very successful event put on at Whole Foods.  I believe it also helped raise awareness to shoppers who might not have known about the importance of people who are gluten free due to celiac disease, food allergies or chose to eat gluten free.  I've been gluten free for 9 years and I can tell you gluten free products taste much better now and overall it is easier to find the products in the USA.