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April Love with Food Gluten Free Subscription Box review

This month subscription box from Love with Food had 11 items.  Almost all of these items I have never tried.  This month I decided to share with my family and I even recorded a couple of audio reviews from both of my kids.  Honestly I have to say I am not impressed by this months box. So far I have tried half of the items and have mixed opinions on them.

I did contact Love with Food via twitter explaining my frustrations in a nice way about one of the items.  I am very happy to say that they reached out to me both via twitter mention and privately.  That was great customer service and I was not expecting what they offered.  They offered to credit my account for another box.  I was considering cancelling but since they gave me a credit I will go ahead and give them another try.  I do think I might switch from the gluten free box to the snack size box. The snack size box is not entirely gluten free but it most likely will have several gluten free items.  Then I can just give the non gluten free items to others in my home.

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Below is the audio review on a couple of the products we did not like.

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