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Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips, Simply Sweeet Potato

I recently discovered Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips, Simply Sweet Potato flavor.  This particular bag of chips I purchased from my local health food store. Oh my these are so yummy.  These chips are super healthy so you don't feel guilty eating the entire bag. Another exciting thing is they are gluten free and are Non-GMO.  I think these might be the first I've seen to be using Non-GMO corn and grains in chips. It is also hard to find chips that don't contain sugar, look no further there is no added sugar!  All wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce.

They are crunchy and have just the perfect amount of sweet and salt to them.  They don't really taste like sweet potato to me, maybe more of a cross between a tortilla chip and sweet potato.  What I am trying to say is the Sweet Potato flavor is not at all over powering.  I enjoy eating them on their own but they would also be great with salsa or a dip.  I have only been able to find single serving bags in the store until now. So excited to find them in bigger bags on Amazon, now I can have them at my next party! The link below will take you right to a package of 6, 5.5 oz bags which is a deal!

If you'd rather just order one bag to try them out, follow this link below to amazon.