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Haunted Mansion Comic books

I've never really been into comic books but I recently was introduced to the Haunted Mansion comic book series.  I missed the 1st printing of issue 1, luckily they were pretty popular the publisher released a second printing of issue 1.  I was able to grab issue 1 and the variant cover of issue 2 at my local comic book shop.

The story is about The Haunted Mansion, you know like the ride in Disneyland.  No but really the story has nothing to do with the ride per say, but I have to admit even though I am a Disney Fanatic I know very little about the story of the ride and the characters that live within it. The storyline hooks the reader in or at least it has had that affect on me.  The illustrations are beautiful too.  I don't want to give any spoilers so you must go read the issues for yourself.

This is only a 5 book series and currently as of May 18, 2016 issue 3 was released.  June 29, 2016 issue 4 is set to be released and I imagine in July or August will come the release of the final issue 5.  As I said I'm not even a huge comic book fan, but this is one series I am falling in love with and can't wait to read more!