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Pamela's Mini Honey Grahams

Ok first off let me say how much I am a fan of Pamela's Products. She certainly has yet to disappoint me.  I've been a fan of the Pamela's Gluten Free Graham Crackers for a while now but just discovered these mini Honey Grahams on my last shopping trip.  The look of the box is kinda nostalgic, reminding me of the olden days when label designs were classic and straight to the point.  It is very clear these are honeycomb shaped honey cookies with a letter " P " on each and every one.

At first glance out of the package they are small but not too small.  Perfect snack size and a nice size for little hands.  The taste is glorious, certainly like eating a crunchy graham cracker cookie.  It certainly has the right amount of honey and it never overpowers the taste.  The texture is firm and crunchy just like a cookie should be.  Besides being gluten free these grahams are also free of soy,corn,nut and eggs.  On the box the label says they use non-GMO butter and organic non-GMO honey.

These make a perfect snack for both kids and adults.  I can envision all kinds of creative ways to use these mini grahams from making little s'mores and other treats with these.  Be warned that they are so yummy once you start you can't stop and before you know it you might just eat the whole box! Below is a link to Amazon where you can purchase a 6 count box with amazon prime at a very good price.