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Tillamook greek yogurt with gluten free granola

I recently came across Tillamook Farmstyle Parfait greek strained yogurt in the grocery store.  What drew me towards this was the label saying the granola was gluten free.  It is very rare that you will find yogurt with gluten free yogurt.  The packaging is clearly labeled and the company whom makes the granola is Bob's Red Mill.  The granola is not premixed but in a separate sealed container that is like the lid of the yogurt.

I first opened the yogurt and stirred it around to mix up the fruit that is on the bottom. This was my first experience with a greek style yogurt.  I then dumped in the granola but I like that it is separated if one doesn't want the granola.  The taste of the yogurt is tart and the texture is thick, but oddly enough I like it and keep going back for more.  I purchased strawberry and I saw blueberry but I am not sure if the other flavors are for sure gluten free.  If you happen to find it in your store just make sure you grab the right one and give it a try.  Two thumbs up from me!