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Pancakes, It's What's for Dinner

The past several years my family has enjoyed eating pancakes made from a mix.  It makes life so much easier to use a box mix that already has the formula down for gluten free pancakes.  Our favorite brand is King Arthur Flour, Gluten Free Pancake Mix.

We don't always follow the directions that are on the box but either way they always turn out fabulous.  When you mix the egg,milk and pancake mix together it smells wonderful (like fresh maple syrup).  You want to make sure your mix is not too thick but not too thin either to have the perfect fluffy pancake.  The taste is just perfect, we will never switch back to other brands. 

Pancakes are not just for breakfast anymore either.  There are several times a month when we cook them for dinner too.  With the fluffiness and yummy taste after a couple of pancakes you are so full and satisfied!

We enjoy eating our pancakes with butter and Log Cabin syrup. Do you eat your pancakes with syrup or another topping? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.