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The Rise of Pushkin's Bakery

Just three years ago a local Sacramento couple took the plunge to open a Gluten Free & Dairy Free bakery in Midtown Sacramento.  You can read my original post from Feb. 28,2013.  I wanted to post an update on this bakery called Pushkin's Bakery.

When Pushkin's first opened they mainly offered desserts like cupcakes, cookies and cakes.  Customers were always asking for more and the owners listened. Since then they have expanded their menu to offer made to order hot breakfast sandwiches and also lunch sandwiches. Not long ago they also experimented by offering donuts as a one time special.  So many customers fell in love with these fresh donuts that they decided to offer them once a week.  Our favorite day of the week is Sunday "Donut Day"!

Who ever knew this business would be such a success? I could tell you I knew it would be because of the quality of the food, location and great customer service the owners Danny & Olga Turner have!  There is a high demand in the area for quality gluten free, dairy free and vegan food.  Pushkin's Bakery has been so successful these past 3 years that they are getting ready to move to a bigger facility to meet the needs of their customers.  Every time I go the line is out the door but I guarantee you it is worth the wait (the line actually moves pretty fast)!

If you ever find yourself in the midtown area of Sacramento,California on a Tuesday-Sunday you must stop by and try anything from their menu.  I am sure you too will fall in love with Pushkin's Bakery.