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Poor man's Way to Pokemon Go

I'm sure you have heard by now about the app Pokemon Go? If you haven't it is the new in thing that people of all ages are playing.  It actually gets people off their butt and moving.  It is an app you play on your smartphone.

The app actually says it can be played on other devises than smart phones like an iPad and iPod touch, as long as it is running the new software and updating system.  I was super excited because I am likely one of the rare adults in the world that does not use a cell phone (I do have a prepaid one for emergencies only).  

Much to my excitement I signed up for Pokemon Go on my iPod Touch and I got it to kinda work with my wifi. Then the app constantly crashed.  I restarted, reinstalled and it still doesn't work.  I can see the map and the pokemon but it doesn't let me catch them.  So I have to say that sadly at the moment it does not work with iPod touch or iPad using wifi.  I think it is because those devises do not have a GPS chip in them?


Just as I lost all hope I remembered I had that old cheap smartphone that had no service.  I charged it up and hooked it up to wifi and it works.  As long as I connect to wifi, I can play the game. So there is hope for you too if you don't have a data plan like me. Here is the phone I got  Huawei Union (FYI I don't get paid anything for you buying the phone via the link).  The only downside to my phone is that the AR doesn't seem to pick up the Pokemon on the camera, but you can still play with the AR turned off.  It might just be a glitch in my phone.  Another idea if you have home internet or cable service check to see if your service offers wifi hotspots.  Many home internet companies do and that makes it easy to connect to wifi around town too!

So go out and join in the fun catching Pokemon.  Wifi is pretty much everywhere these days so you should be good to play.  Hey if you have a friend who has a phone with service maybe they will be kind to let you use their hotspot if you are in a no wifi area so you can hunt together. These same tips apply to others who don't want to use their data up either. Happy Pokemon Hunting!