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DIY your own Marble slab prop

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Lately I have been taking photos for my blog of the products I review.  I don't want to spend a ton of money but I still want them to look nice.  As I searched through Instagram for ideas I noticed several people were using a marble slab which can be very expensive.  I discovered a cheap alternative with the same look. 

I purchased this marble contact paper from Amazon ( DC Fix 346-0306 Adhesive Film, Grey Marble ). I already had a large board that has a smooth white surface that was left over from my husbands cabinet work. I would think this might also work on a smooth poster board too.

Step 1:

Clean your surface. Make sure it is free of dust.

Step 2: 

Unroll contact paper and lay it out on your surface. Measure and cut the size you will need but leave a bit extra to overhang.

Step 3:

Peal back the adhesive paper a few inches and start to apply to your surface board.

Step 4:

As you peal the contact paper use the spine of a book to help keep it smooth and get rid of any air bubbles.

Step 5:

Continue to smooth out any bubbles. Use a box cutter or other tool to trim the edges that overhang.

Now go and take product photos and everyone will not be able to tell it isn't a real marble slab! Can you tell in my teacup photo if that is real marble slab or not? 

DC Fix 346-0306 Adhesive Film, Grey Marble

(Sorry I didn't include step by step photos in this DIY)