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Taking Shortcuts In Lightroom

Let's face it we all like to save time when editing our photos.  Often photographers might use the same editing style on most photos, then they create a shortcut which is called a Preset in Adobe's Lightroom.  Sometimes these presets don't look good on one photo as they might on others but with a few adjustments one can make it just to their satisfaction.

Over the years I have purchased presets from several companies and I have even created my own.  There is one company that I feel sets the bar high and they are often very affordable.  That company is Pretty Presets.  As my photography editing style changes I can always count on this company to give me some fresh new editing ideas.  Recently I discovered that Pretty Presets was having a Sale on their Fan Favs Collection.  At the sale price I knew I had to give this set a try.  Already I have several favorites in the collection that I have fallen in love with.

Here are some examples of some of my favorites. On the left is the Original and the right is the preset:

Just one click and I can test out each preset and pick the one I like the most.  I can also make adjustments to each preset as well.  So far I have not had to make any adjustments to the presets shown in my examples above.  Hopefully you are able to take advantage of the sale.  Then you too can make your photos pop more!