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Why I shoot in JPG

When I first started out in photography obviously I shot in JPG/JPEG format until I was told otherwise.  Everyone always says, "Oh you are not doing it right if you don't switch to shooting in RAW.  Your photos are going to look terrible if you don't switch."  Sure shooting in RAW has it's advantages but it doesn't mean you are less of a photographer if you shoot in JPG/JPEG.

What you should be aiming for is getting the lighting, camera settings and position of subject right no matter what file your camera is set at.  If all those are right "in camera" then it really doesn't matter.  Lets be honest how many of us really share our end product in RAW format (probably not that many)?  RAW format often takes up tons of space on your SD memory card, external drive and computer.

I shot in RAW format for many years with my Canon brand cameras.  That was until I switched to the Fujifilm X-T10 camera.  I admit I started out in RAW on the Fuji but really it was more of a pain than it was helpful.  I was having trouble transferring files to my editing program, my computer kept giving me errors and I wasn't able to fully use Fujifilm mobile phone app.  Then I decided to switch back to shooting in JPG/JPEG.  I already take tons of iPod photography and that is in JPG/JPEG format so I figured why not.  The information I have found online is Fujifilm cameras quality is excellent for shooting in JPG/JPEG.

Don't let others control your camera settings. Get out there and think outside the box!  Remember it is the person behind the camera that creates the amazing photo!

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