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Farmhouse Cheddar Crackers

While on a shopping trip to Whole Foods Market I came across some new crackers.  They had a variety of flavors but I chose the Farmhouse Cheddar flavor.  The brand is Simple Mills.  What I like about these crackers is the ingredients.  Many gluten free crackers have Oat flour in them and this particular one does not.

They are made with Almond flour and seed blend. All the ingredients are words you can pronounce and they are Non GMO project verified!  At first the taste is different but then it is easy to get used to.  I really like the size of them they are much bigger than any other cracker I've seen on the gluten free market.  My only disappointment was the picture on the box they look fluffy and that isn't the case with the box I purchased.  They area a pretty flat square very salted on one side but not the other.

I'm not sure I would buy these again but they are a nice alternative to other brands that are based with Oat flour.