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Pokémon Pokéball Smoothie

On snap chat last week in the Discover tab I came across a video on how to make a Pokemon Pokeball breakfast bowl smoothie.  Here is the video from Tastemade.  I however took my own spin on the recipe.

Here is a list of the ingredients you will need:

Plain or vanilla yogurt
Frozen blueberries & strawberries
1 ripened banana
Chia seeds
Magic bullet or blender
Cup or a bowl

I don't have a blender so I used a magic bullet. I also didn't have exact measurements for you so you'll just have to eyeball it until you get the smoothie the consistency and thickness that you like. It needs to be a little thick though for it to work.

Step 1

Slightly defrost your strawberries but not the blueberries. Put your berries & 3/4 of the banana in the magic bullet.

Step 2

Add a little bit of water.

Step 3

Blend. If you added too much water then add ice to help thicken it up.

Step 4

Pour into a bowl or glass. You can also leave it in the magic bullet container too.

Step 5

With a spoon lightly add yogurt to sit on the top on only half of the red circle of your cup or bowl. Try to wipe your spoon often as you smooth your yogurt layer out so you don't get any of the red smoothie on the white yogurt. (believe me it is difficult see my pictures)

Step 6

In the center where the white yogurt and fruit meet use your Chia seeds to make a line all the way across.

Step 7

With the rest of your banana practice cutting a thin slice. Once you have that perfect thin slice of banana place it in the center onto of the chia seeds.

Now it is time to enjoy your Pokemon Pokeball Smoothie.  I tried it both ways in a bowl and in a glass. I preferred the glass because when I was done creating my Pokeball I put in a straw and drank it. Here is the bowl version end photo below which I did have trouble getting the right consistency.  For a deeper red use more strawberries than blueberries.