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Rice Ramen

 It has been so long since I have eaten top ramen. I know it isn't healthy but I used to love it. Obviously it is not gluten free so I can't eat it anymore.  I was excited when I came across a gluten free type.

I had high hopes for Rice Ramen by Lotus Foods. Very simple to make. Just measure out the water and bring to a boil. Drop noodles into boiling water for 4 minutes. Then add in the season packet.

The noodles cooked nicely and appear to have similar texture to the wheat ones. The sauce packet smelled disgusting. I only put in maybe 1/4 of the seasoning. I was extremely disappointed, the taste was horrible and I ended up tossing the entire thing.

It is possible the flavor packet was just not a good combination. I would love to try this again if they had flavor packets similar to Top Ramen like chicken or beef. At this point I don't recommend this product.

(This review shows you how real I am and want to give you my honest feedback. I know many of my reviews might appear that everything is always good but that isn't always the case.)