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One Potato, Two Potato

Another Starbucks run, man I go there too often right?  I found these chips called One Potato Two Potato.  I got them as part of the lunch special promo but you can also get them on their own.  What they are is Potato Chips but healthy ones.

I've tried two flavors so far, Sweet Potato and then I tried Seaside Salt n' vinegar.  Both are very different from each other but both taste very good.  What I like about them is besides being gluten free, they are non gmo chips and much healthier for you.  You certainly don't feel guilty after eating these because they are not full of junk.

I also love the cute characters on the packaging, it makes chip eating fun to see these cute Potato guys.  Next time you head to Starbucks you definitely want to try these chips out!  My favorite is the Seaside Salt N'Vinegar.