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Udi's Gluten Free Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

I used to love me some bacon,egg and cheese biscuits for breakfast from McD's back in the day but obviously they are not gluten free.  While grocery shopping at Target I was grabbing my normal loaf of Udi's gluten free multigrain bread (which is delicious btw) and I happened to see Udi's label in the frozen breakfast sandwich area.  I trust Udi's to be an awesome company of gluten free food so I figured I'd give these Sausage Breakfast Sandwich a try.

Well, this review isn't going to be a pretty one.  Like I said before this review blog is my honest personal opinions.  Not all my reviews are going to be full of rainbows and sunshine.

I followed the directions to a T.  First it says remove from wrapper and wrap in paper towel, I immediately thought oh boy is it going to stick to the paper towel but did it anyways.  When it was done in the microwave I let it sit the 1 minute but when I unwrapped it I couldn't.  It was stuck to the paper towel and so stuck that I eventually had to use a knife just to be able to try it.

After cutting away all the paper towel I took a bite.  I immediately spit it out in disgust.  The biscuit was hard as a rock and certainly did not look anything like the picture on the box.  The egg was rubbery and tasted fake.  The sausage was certainly much smaller and barely even on the sandwich and it tasted dried out.  Cheese, what cheese, because I certainly didn't see any.

I would highly recommend to save your money and not buy this.  I am so disappointed in this product I am definitely going to contact Udi's and let them know.  I don't normally call companies and let them know my thoughts but because I love other items Udi's makes I need to let them know as a customer this is certainly a product they need to make improvements to.  Don't be afraid to give feedback to companies, it's the only way they can learn from their customers.