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You've got all this Lularoe now what?

If you don't know what Lularoe is, your are missing out.  I've got quite the collection of leggings, tops and now sweaters.  Pretty much all the directions say to wash gentle on cold and do not dry in dryer.

What no dryer? I typically throw everything in the dryer, but it says on the tags if you do that you will be sad. For reals it says "Or you will be sad".  I'm guessing that means it might shrink or fabric might fall apart.

On laundry day I had leggings hanging all over my house, getting in the way of everyday things I need to use.  I wanted to take back my house and have it look nice again.  After searching the internet for a solution, I finally found one at Ikea. Right Ikea, why didn't I start there first?

This rack can be mounted to the wall or door of your choice.  It expands and folds flat when not in use.  I don't have a laundry room so I installed mine in my master bathroom.  I think it is a brilliant solution to my problem and I hope it helps you too!