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Why I eat gluten free

Several years ago my son was diagnosed with celiac disease.  This meant we had to switch to a gluten free lifestyle. While I didn't have celiac I decided to try eating gluten free too.

When we first went gluten free there wasn't many premade items available on the market.  Some of the breads tasted like a piece of cardboard, it was horriblely disgusting!  I spent lots of money on products I didn't end up liking. Most of the time we missed all the fun food like pizza, cake and cookies.  Going out to eat or to birthday parties were a nightmare because there were no accommodations and I ended up having to bring my own food.  It was because of this I decided to start this blog to help others find good tasting gluten free food.

I hope you find my gluten free reviews helpful in your journey to living a gluten free lifestyle.  I have been living a gluten free lifestyle for over 9 years now.  It certainly has gotten much easier now with several delicious products on the market and restaurants being very accommodating.