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Surviving the Holidays Gluten Free

It's that time a year again when many family, friends and coworkers come together for holiday parties. Now that you are living a gluten-free lifestyle how on earth are you going to find something to eat at these holiday parties? Here are 5 suggestions to help you survive the holidays Gluten fee.

  • #1)  Be the Host
Being the host you will have full reins on the menu and can make sure there will be several gluten free items to enjoy.

  • #2)  Offer to Help the Host
If you can't be the host of the party offer to help the host plan and prepare the meal. This is another way to make sure there will be gluten free options available.

  • #3)  Contact the Host
Contact the host in advance to let them know you are gluten free and work with them on options. This option works best with catered events. Sometimes friends and family might take offense to suggesting menu changes, so offering to help out with the party might be a better gesture.

  • #4)  Giving Suggestions to Host 
If the host contacts you looking for gluten free suggestions go ahead and give them suggestions of simple prepackaged items to buy. Most hosts who ask for gluten free suggestions really want to make sure you are included in the event.

  • #5)  Eat Before You Go
If all else fails eat a small meal before you go. When you arrive at the party enjoy a beverage and possibly there are a few items you can snack on from the fruit and veggie tray.  Bring some back up snacks in your car or purse too.

I know how holiday parties can be stressful to attend since they revolve around food.  Hopefully the suggestions and tips I shared with you will help make things a little less stressful this holiday season. Don't skip the party just because you are gluten free your family, friends and coworkers want to visit and share the holidays with you!