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Have You Tried Shampoo Bars?

Several years ago I was tired of washing my hair and 6 hours later my hair looked wet when in fact it was oily.  I tried several different brands of shampoos that didn't do anything and often made my hair more oily.  I even tried home remedies like trying to absorb the oil like baby powder, cornstarch and even coco powder but all I had was a big mess all over my bathroom floor.

That is when a family friend told me about a product she had been using while traveling from the USA to Thailand.  She was using a shampoo bar from a store in my local mall called Lush. At first I thought using a bar of soap on my hair was not going to work. I honestly couldn't picture how to use it so I had to watch a video on YouTube.  

The first shampoo bar I purchased was Jumping Jupiter.  After just 1 use the results are outstanding, I will never go back to other shampoo brands again.  Lush claims that 1 shampoo bar lasts for 80 washes.  I often get more than 80 washes out of 1 bar and I wash my hair daily.  One tip I have learned to get the most out of your bar is after each use allow it to air dry in an open area for example I leave mine in a wooden dish in the window.  I used to leave it in the shower but the moisture from the shower was causing my shampoo bar to quickly breakdown, which ment I had to buy a new one more often.  I also have not had any trouble having this shampoo bar in my carry on luggage when I fly because it is not liquid (check TSA before you fly because rules are always changing).

What I love about Lush is they are a mostly Vegan company and their products are free of all the harsh chemicals and junk that mainstream beauty products have.  I love that the company cares about the environment and is against animal testing.  Lush donates 100% proceeds of sales of the Charity pot lotion towards supporting grasssroot charities that focus on humanitarian, environmental and animal rights causes locally and around the world.  

I've been using Lush shampoo bars faithfully for 4+ years. My favorite ones I currently use are Honey I Washed My Hair and also Montalbano.  They leave my hair looking beautiful and smelling great!  Have you tried a shampoo bar from Lush yet?