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Exclusive Q&A with Disney Tsum Tsum Collector- Tsumtsumbop

(photo credit: @Tsumtsumbop)

What are Disney Tsum Tsums?  It started out in Japan in 2013 as a interactive mobile and arcade game. Cute little Disney characters are in a row and you swipe them to collect the points.  The name is derived from the Japanese word tsumu which means "to stack".  Disney released cute little collectible plush toys to go along with the Tsum Tsum game.  Disney sold these plush toys at their store in Japan beginning 2013. They made their way to the USA July 2014 and further moved into a Worldwide craze after that!  The plushes come in a variety of sizes and have since expanded the merchandise to little figurines, clothing and much more!

I didn't learn about the Disney Tsum Tsums until fall of 2015 when a friend of mine was looking for a special one that she couldn't find.  I began to play the mobile game and quickly found myself playing it all the time. It wasn't until Christmas 2015 when Santa gave me a Disney Tsum Tsum in my stocking. Honestly I can't remember if it was Olaf or Sven but I love them both.  I loved the mini sized plushes ( 3.5 inches ) and I started to collect from there.  My collection is rather small but mainly because I just don't have the space to store more.  My favorite in my personal collection is Alice in Wonderland series in both the mini plushes and the vinyl collectible figures.

(from my personal collection, photo credit: @janelberchielli)

I soon found a whole community of collectors sharing their love of Disney Tsum Tsum on Instagram. There was one person in particular whose photos stood out above all the rest, her name is Tsumtsumbop. Being an active Instagrammer myself, Tsumtsumbop's photos really resonated with me.  In her photos I can feel a bit of the Disney Magic!  I've been following her work on Instagram for a year and recently asked if I could interview her for my blog.  I sent Tsumtsumbop a list of questions via email for her to answer.  I hope you will enjoy learning some fun facts about her and see her creative Instagram photos for yourself.

(Below are a list of questions I came up with marked with a Q and Tsumtsumbop answers that are marked with A.  This Q&A are not edited at all.)

Exclusive Interview with Disney Tsum Tsum Collector  Tsumtsumbop

Q: How long have you been collecting Disney Tsum Tsums & why collect?

A:  I have been collecting Tsum Tsums since 2015. Once you start collecting it is a slippery slope!

Q:  What size Tsums do you have in your collection? Do you collect any of the vinyl ones?

A:  I have every size of Tsum Tsum except the jumbo because I do not have room for them. I also collect vinyls from Jakks toys.

(photo credit: @Tsumtsumbop)

Q:  What was your very first Tsum?

A:  Eeyore.

Q:  What is your most valuable or rarest Tsum in your collection?

A:  I have a full set of medium Inside Out Tsum Tsums that are almost impossible to find. I have no plans to ever sell them because they are my first set of mediums so I have not appraised their value but I have heard they can be very expensive to acquire when someone finds them.

(photo credit: @Tsumtsumbop)

Q:  Do you collect from other countries besides USA, which ones?

A:  I mostly collect Tsum Tsums from Japan and Hong Kong, actually.

Q:  What made you decide to take photographs of Tsums and share them on Instagram?

A:  I noticed a couple of photos on Instagram of people’s collections and decided to share mine on a whim and then it grew from there.

Q:  How long have you been sharing your Tsum photos on Instagram & what inspires you to creating new Instagram photos?

A:  I started my account in 2015 and usually my inspiration comes from the Tsum Tsums themselves. I mostly play it by ear without much planning.

Q:  Do you use any special photography gear for your Instagram?

A:  No. I take all my photos on my iPhone and use natural light on days when I have a little extra time. 

Q:  Who is your favorite Disney character ?

A:  That’s a tough one. It’s a tie between Duffy and Chip n Dale. 

Q:  Do you have a favorite Tsum or Tsum series, who?

A:  My absolute favorite Tsum Tsum set is the Maihama 15th Anniversary set which was released in Japan in May 2015 (LE 1,500). The characters are dressed in the most adorable, colorful celebration outfits.

Q:  All together how big is your collection & how do you store them?

A:  Honestly, I have no idea how many Tsum Tsums I own. I used to keep count but it grew too fast and too big that I stopped counting. I display most of my Tsums on a wall in my home but I also have a full hall closet of plush and vinyl Tsums. I am far from having the largest collection overall but I think I might be close to having the largest medium collection.

(photo credit: @Tsumtsumbop)

Q: Do you have any advice for new Tsum Tsum collectors?

A:  Only buy Tsum Tsums you love or you might end up like us crazy collectors: with more Tsums than we have time to enjoy!

I want to thank Tsumtsumbop for allowing me to interview her about her Disney Tsum Tsum collection and sharing her photography to use in this interview.

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