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How my wardrobe boosted my self esteem

Alright I admit I am far from being fashionable in my wardrobe.  I often look to friends for fashion tips and trends. I've been wearing ugly clothes for way too long. My typical daily outfit was jeans and a grey tshirt. I felt like I was hiding behind my clothes.

I've tried to wear those cute tops and dresses from places like H & M but the problem is it just isn't my style or didn't fit my body type. Then I decided to choose comfort over fashionable by adding yoga pants to my daily wardrobe.  Don't get me wrong  there is nothing wrong with the comfy yoga pants style but sometimes you want to look a little less casual when you are meeting friends for coffee.

I learned about Lularoe from a snapchat friend of mine.  She had just raved about the leggings, I knew I had to give them a try.  She also told me the story behind the company and I watched a video on YouTube. After that video I knew I had to find a local gal to see this for myself.  I went to facebook and found tons of locals.

I admit I was nervous about all the wild prints but I bought one in a discount sale to try. They were pink with hearts. When I got them I fell in love but wasn't thrilled about the print to wear in public.  Then I purchased a grey pair and a shirt to go with it. I felt comfortable, stylish and knew I had to buy more.  I started to branch out and bought prints that are wild .  I have received positive compliments when I wear my Lularoe clothing out in public.  It has given me confidence in myself that I haven't had in years.

LLR- Carly dress

 There is more than just leggings with Lularoe.  I personally love Lularoe's shirts (classic t is my favorite), dresses and sweaters.  Ive tried many times to wear dresses but I guess I'm just not a dress person, that is until I found Lularoe. They have several styles that I love and are very flattering on me. One dress style, that  I swore I would never buy is the Carly. No really I hated the Carly when it first came out and I felt it was unflattering. Then on Pinterest I learned all the creative ways to tie and style a Carly to make it a more flattering look. Ironically i won a Carly in a Xmas raffle and I quickly fell in love. I like to wear my Carly more like a shirt and using rubber bands to create a flower with the fabric on the side. To dress up a Carly wear a belt and put a petticoat skirt on underneath.  I now own 5 Carly's in various shades of color, no wild prints (yet).

LLR- Carly dress with a tulle skirt underneath
I really feel the reason why so many women love Lularoe clothing is because it is comfortable and they look fashionable. The sizing  is generous, which makes you feel good no matter your size or body shape.  When you look good, it helps you feel good which in return boosts your self esteem and self confidence.

Flower Knot on a Carly

Do you own any Lularoe clothing?  What is your favorite style from their line? 

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