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Sweet Kielbasa

Who says Kielbasa is only a side dish? Not me I use it often as my protein source in my meals.  I often add veggies, rice and potatoes to turn it into a stir fry type of dish.  I saw another blogger in one of my weekly link up parties post a recipe on Pinterest that I wanted to give it a try with my own spin on it. (You can find her pin here. )

Alright I know it isn't always important to be brand specific for recipes but in this case I think it is.  The ingredients in the brand products I used work well together and have their own distinct flavorings that add value to the dish.  Here are the ingredients you will need to make this Sweet Kielbasa.  

(FYI this is NOT a sponsored recipe, it is just something my family enjoys)

Ingredients & Supplies

Frying Pan
Wooden spoon or equivalent
Slow Cooker (AKA Crockpot)
2 packages of Hillshire Farm Turkey Polska Kielbasa
1 (28 oz) container of Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce
1 (14 oz) can of Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce
Sliced fresh Pineapple cut up (amount of your choice)

Step by Step Directions

Step 1:  Cut up the Hillshirefarm Turkey Kielbasa into bite size slices

Step 2:  Put the Kielbasa in a large heated frying pans and stir constantly until the kielbasa is highly browned.

Step 3: Pour the cooked Kielbasa into your Slow Cooker

Step 4: Open the Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ sauce and pour entire bottle into the slow cooker

Step 5:  Open can of Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce and pour into slow cooker

Step 6: Stir all ingredients together making sure to fully coat the kielbasa with the bbq and cranberry sauce mixture

Step 7: add pineapple slices to the slow cooker

Step 8: Cover slow cooker and set to low for 4-5 hours (double check that your slow cooker is plugged into an outlet before turning on)

Now that your sweet kielbasa is marinating and cooking you can set your timer and come back to it in 4 or 5 hours.  I did notice that after 4 hours the sauce was kind of thin so it is possible you might be able to get away using less sauce and possibly cooking it for less time.  

After the time is up give it a good stir before serving.  I made instant mashed potatoes and served the sweet kielbasa over it.  It was a perfect mix of sweet and tangy.  My family was unsure at first glance of the kielbasa being served over mashed potatoes but after they tasted it, they really enjoyed it!  This is a simple meal to make and also a great addition to bring your your next potluck or party.  And it is more filling when you serve it over mashed potatoes.