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Fujifilm Instax SP-2 Smartphone printer

A friend of mine had the Fujifilm Instax SP-1 smartphone printer and always brought it to our local Instagram meet ups. He would print out pictures right there at the event.  Shortly after that event a newer model came out. My friend upgraded and highly recommended getting the newer model Fujifilm Instax SP-2.  I had wanted one from that moment but it was kinda expensive so I added it to my Christmas wish list. Sadly I didn't get one for Christmas, but 3 months later it went on sale on Amazon and I just bought it.

(amazon affiliate photo)
 The Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer (Gold)(amazon affiliate link) is a lightweight and small handheld photo printer. It uses special cartridges that contain 10 photos. No ink to deal with, it is all in the easy to load cartridge. Technically you don't need a smartphone (I use an iPad mini 4 or an iPod touch) to use this just a smart device  that can download the Instax share app.  You can also link the app to your Facebook or Instagram and print photos from there too!

This printer is easy to use and prints via the printers wifi using the Instax Share app, no home wifi or cell data needed. You can select photos directly from your camera roll to print. If you'd like you can also make changes to the photo, add fun captions or take a photo on your smart device in the app. Once you click print the photo takes 10 seconds to print out. Once the photo pops out of the printer you have to wait a few minutes for the photo to develop (similar to the old school Polaroid prints).

While the initial cost is rather pricey, overall I think this printer is good quality and built to last. No need to fuss with batteries either it has a charger port that you plug into a USB. This printer is very easy to use and the photo print quality is pretty good. It would certainly be a fun thing to have at a party or an event to print photos on the spot. Hardly anyone prints photos out anymore I think your guests and friends would love to have a printed photo momento at your next gathering.

How about you, do you print out photos regularly? Or do your photos mainly live on social media or in your phones camera roll?