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What's a Twitter Chat?

I've been on twitter for ages but only started to fully begin to use it in 2016 to help promote my blog. It was then when I started to hear about twitter chats.  I've been a participant of several chats on twitter. Almost all of them have been very organized and lots of fun.

A Twitter Chat is a live chat on twitter where all the participants use the previously determined   hashtag for that chat.  These chats are scheduled on a certain date and time and shared out on social media to gain more people to join in. Everyone in the twitter chat answers the questions live.  Typically it is hosted by one user that way everyone knows to follow the host to see the questions.  You can also participate in the conversation by following the hashtag.  Most of the twitter chats I've been in the host has the questions on info-graphics to easily catch your attention.  As you answer the questions you also include the hashtag so that others in the chat can see what you said and engage with you. 

The very first twitter chat I was a participant in was #chatsnap. #Chatsnap is a twitter chat all about snapchat. This twitter chat (#chatsnap) is hosted by Kris Gillentine and is every Wednesday at 11am PST.  I think Kris does a fantastic job creating questions and encouraging engagement.  You don't have to be a guru on snapchat or twitter to feel like your thoughts matter in this community.  I admit I don't really use snapchat much anymore but I certainly never miss my weekly #Chatsnap twitter chat on twitter.

Another chat that has been very active weekly is #BlogElevated. This chat is hosted by Blog Elevated and is very helpful to those in the blogging community.  They have covered a variety of topics that many bloggers face or are interested in. I have learned something new each week and enjoy this weekly chat. The #BlogElevated twitter chat is on Mondays at 7pm PST.

Overall, I feel like twitter chats are fun and can be very helpful to participate in.  I have learned new things pertaining to the topics I am interested in.  I feel the love from the community and enjoy the engagement with other twitter users.  There are so many different twitter chats happening it is easy to find one that best suits your interests.

Have you participated in a twitter chat yet? If so which one?