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5 Bloggers I Admire

We all have people we look up to in life and want to tell others about them.  In this past year that I have re-dedicated myself to blogging I have come across several blogs that are fantastic.
I admire the writer for their content and I want them to know how special they are to me. Here are FIVE bloggers (in no order of preference) I look forward to reading their blogs each and every week. Hopefully this post will give you an insight of these awesome bloggers and you too will enjoy reading their blogs too!

I first met Hannah & Sara online on snapchat.  These ladies are awesome and down to earth. Hannah has helped mentor me in so many ways to get back into blogging.  What I love about The Perfect Storm blog is all the yummy recipes they create and I have even attempted to make several of them.  I also love that they share wearable Wednesdays of different fashion trends that I feel like I can see myself wearing too.  I also enjoy their DIY project ideas they share too, one of my favorites was when they made a Treat Jar for their cat, so simple yet a brilliant idea!

You know I'm not sure where I first met Mindy from This Fairy Tale Life.  I'm guessing it had something to do with Disney.  Mindy is so down to earth, caring and compassionate and also a huge Disneyland fan.  She goes on several adventures that I could only dream of and I love to hear about them.  What I love about This Fairytale Life is how Mindy shares all kinds info about Disney Weddings.  I didn't even realize how one could have a dream wedding at Disney at somewhat reasonable prices.  If only I knew this 17 years ago maybe I would have considered a Disney wedding.

I first met the G-Free Foodie aka KC Kornwell at a Gluten Free event at my local Whole Foods in 2016.  She was so down to earth and tells you how it is.  She makes delicious gluten-free recipes with photos that leave me drooling at my computer screen.  I haven't yet made any recipes but they look easy enough that a not so great cook like myself can manage re-creating them.

I've been following Highlights Along the Way for quite some time actually her blog was under a different title when I first started to follow her. Kate is also a down to earth blogger and an awesome lady.  She shares about her adoption journey, traveling adventures and her love of Disney.  I'm sure it was the love of Disney is how I found her years ago.

Years ago when I left the comfort of my job to be a stay home mom I needed help to find the best deals on groceries and everyday items.  It was then when I discovered Crystal.  She has been a lifesaver in helping me find the best deals for things that I have been looking for and often things I didn't know I was looking for.  I love how real she is on her Facebook live videos and admire how her family is able to live debt free.

Do you have a Blogger that you Admire?