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Using Airbnb instead of a Hotel

 Over the past year when my husband travels he has been using Airbnb to book his room instead of using a hotel. The reason why he did that is because where he was going there was not a convenient hotel close enough to the event he was attending.  Remember in February 2017 when I was attending the GFAF Expo in San Diego? The hotel that was closest to the venue was very expensive and I needed to find another option. Because of the positive response my husband gave I decided to give Airbnb a try.

 I admit I was a bit nervous to book an Airbnb because most of the time if your travel plans change that room is nonrefundable. Also I felt strange staying at someone's house instead of a hotel. I searched the area of where I was going to be and found several Airbnb rooms and they were much cheaper than a hotel. In some cases even 50% cheaper than the hotels in the area. I'm sure this isn't always the case for every city but it certainly doesn't hurt to look into.

 The Airbnb I decided upon was 2 miles from the venue I was attending. It was located in a very nice neighborhood and walking distance to restaurants, bars and the beach. This particular one that I rented the owner had a small little guesthouse in the backyard with private entry. I felt more comfortable staying in a separate private guesthouse rather than a room inside someone's home for my first time using this type of rental.  It was much larger than I was expecting. It was a spacious studio apartment with a vaulted ceiling, a very spacious bathroom and a  kitchenette.  The homeowner allowed me to park my rental car in her driveway which was very helpful because there was never any spaces to park on the street.

 I felt safe and comfortable in this rental unit. I think I would most definitely give Airbnb a try again another trip. If you have never signed up for Airbnb please consider using my link (we both will get rewarded if you do, I believe you even get a $40 travel credit).

Have you tried an Airbnb rental yet or would you?