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My Trending Articles of 2017

As my blog continues to grow and gain attention from my readers I always look back at my stats to see what articles have done better than others.  I feel this data will help me to determine the direction I want to take for future blog articles.  
Sometimes the data surprises me because maybe I wrote an article that I thought would have gained more attention than it did.  While other articles didn't surprise me at all and they did very well because I wrote about a current trend or something I had a feeling folks might talk about.  Here are some of my latest blog articles that have gotten more attention than my other articles and my thoughts on why they have gained more attention than others.

I have not been surprised by overwhelming love on this topic (550+ views and  35+ comments).  It's not joke Americans love their Starbucks and always curious what new products are coming out.  This ended up being such a popular item at Starbucks stores they are often sold out shortly after opening each day.

(January 2017 Starbucks released a new product called Sous Vide Egg Bites.  They come in two flavors Bacon & Gruyere or Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper. READ MORE  .... )

 I was surprised this one did so well (over 400 views and 30 comments). I thought maybe I would get slammed with negative comments because so many people are reluctant to change and learning new information that might be controversial to them.  But this day in age there are a lot of health conscious people whom are aware and want to live healthier lives.

(Ditch the old toothpaste and try something new.  Did you know many toothpastes you buy at the store are full of chemicals that are not healthy for you?  Some brands have tiny little plastic beads in them, now I am not a dentist or Doctor but that doesn't sound safe to me. READ MORE ....) 

This article has a bit lower view count than the other two (270 views), but it does have 50 comments.  I think this article was popular because it is about LuLaRoe clothing company and at the time it was published this company was having a lot of negative PR in the media.  While some people might not like the LuLaRoe company this article resinated with many woman who could relate to feeling good when they find that perfect fitting outfit.

(Alright I admit I am far from being fashionable in my wardrobe.  I often look to friends for fashion tips and trends. I've been wearing ugly clothes for way too long. My typical daily outfit was jeans and a grey tshirt. I felt like I was hiding behind my clothes. READ MORE ....)

This article doesn't has quite as many views as I was expecting (187 views) but I was blown away with all the social media shares and 50+ comments.  In this day in age people are all about technology and the shiny object syndrome.

(A friend of mine had the Fujifilm Instax SP-1 smartphone printer and always brought it to our local Instagram meet ups. He would print out pictures right there at the event. READ MORE....)

Did you get a chance to read any of these articles? Which one was your favorite?