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Five Tips to Improve Your Photography

We all want to share nice looking images online for our business or personal use.  No matter what level of experience you have with photography there is always room for improvement.  You don't necessarily need to have the high end expensive camera gear or be a professional photographer to capture amazing photos.  I have some tips to share with you that will help you enhance your photography skills.

Five Tips to Improve Your Photography


This is extremely important because without good light your camera will not focus and the photo will look blurry and grainy.  My suggestion is to use as much natural light as possible.  Sometimes even moving closer to a window is enough to bring in light.  If you can go outdoors (not in direct sun or covered shade) but just enough outdoor light when you take your photo there isn't any harsh shadows on your subject.  If outdoors isn't an option I recommend using your flash or turn on lights in the room you are in.  Unfortunately sometimes these options indoors still aren't bright enough & you need another tool to help.  


Having a good stable tripod is key to getting a crisp picture, especially when the lighting situation is unfavorable.  The tripod helps the camera from shaking, because even the slightest bit of handshake can ruin a perfect picture.  There are all kinds of tripods on the market, get the one that best fits your budget.  There are even smaller ones for smart phones, my personal recommendation for smart phone tripod is Arkon.  


Having a blurry photo is not appealing to the eye.  Make sure you use your cameras focus system to lock the subject in focus.  This can be tricky with a moving subject and will certainly take lots of practice and patience with multiple shots to get it right.  How to do this depends on your gear, typically on a smart phone you will tap on your screen where you want it to focus & it should lock the focus then you take the picture.  On a DSLR/SLR/Mirror-less camera generally you can select your focal point and then hold the shutter half way to lock the focus, then take the picture.  Definitely read your camera manual for instructions.

Simple Editing

You don't necessarily need to spend tons of money of editing software to do some very basic editing on your photos.  Not all photos need to be edited but sometimes just a little bump in the exposure will make the photo pop.  Over editing a photo can be unappealing to the eye. I always suggest using less editing and keeping the photo as real as possible.   Some of my favorite programs for photo editing are VSCO, Instagram, Snapseed and Lightroom 6.

Think Outside the Box

Take photos from different angles. Taking a photo of people straight on is not very flattering, but if you move your camera just slightly above and angle the camera slightly down your friends will love how they look in the photo.  Continue to experiment even more with different angles, turn your camera from portrait to landscape or somewhere in-between.  Using different camera angles gives the viewer an option to experience the subject from a different perspective.  Capture unexpected moments in real time. I love candid photos because they really tell the story of what was happening in that moment.

Remember you are the one telling the story through your photos and you want to capture the attention of your viewer.  Your viewer wants to feel as if they are there living that moment with you. With lots of practice, combining all 5 of these tips you will certainly improve your Photography skills.

Do your photos tell a story?