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Groceries Delivered to Your Home

In this day in age we are all so busy.  Some of us are even too busy with work, family or other things that we don't always have time to go to the grocery store.  I've always wanted to try a grocery delivery service from my local Safeway but always thought it was silly since my local store which is only 1 mile away.  Then I had a friend mention a promo that Safeway was offering for $20 off and free delivery for all first time users.  I figured I am gonna give this a try and share my personal experience with you.
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I did get some flack on social media from friends and family members when I mentioned I was doing this delivery service.  They wanted to know what was wrong and why couldn't I go to the store.  After I explained to them it was like getting $20 in groceries for free and not having to go anywhere, they understood.


Tips to Grocery shopping from Home with Safeway   


Use Your Rewards....

Safeway has a rewards program in which you add coupons from their store to your club card. On my first order, I didn't fully get all the savings I could have because I forgot to add the specific coupons and free items beforehand.  I still felt as though the delivery was valuable because of the $20 off and the convenance of not physically going to the store.  I highly suggest before ordering make a list of items you need, add the just for u coupons to your card and sale items.  It is even helpful to have 2  windows open on your computer so you can go back and forth to make sure you are getting the discounts.  Some of the items are a tad more expensive than in the store and some are excluded from the sale promotions.  You will quickly figure out which items to buy so you get the most value of them using this service.

Select Time Slot ...... 

Before you start your order I suggest you look at the available time slots and select the one that works for you.  I strongly suggestshopping at least two days ahead of time, unless it is on a non holiday week.  My first order was on a holiday weekend and all the  time slots were full I had to select a slot two days out.  My second order I was able to order in the evening and get a slot for the next morning. This time slot you select will be held for you while you are shopping, even if it takes you an hour to fill your online cart.  Before you submit your payment you can change the time slot if that one doesn't work.  You do need to select a time slot window in which an adult will be home.  They will not leave your groceries if you are not home and you must sign for them.



When the delivery comes to your home it arrives in a truck fully marked with the Safeway logo on the truck.  Your order is preselected and arranged in plastic bins in the sections of the truck. The refrigerator and frozen items are in a separate cold section of the truck.  The delivery person will bring the items to your door while you go over the list of items and given a receipt.  They will let you know what items were out of stock and what items were substituted in your order. If an item is out of stock, if you have selected the box they might substitute it with a similar item, otherwise you will not be charged for the item.  I'm not sure if when the delivery driver comes if you can refuse the substitution or not.  

Check Items Carefully....

Check carefully before the driver leaves to make sure everything is there.  On my first order an item was missing that I paid for (I didn't check carefully) and I had to call customer service with a long wait time to clear up the mix up.  Don't get too upset if items are missing, we are all human and mistakes happen.  The delivery driver is not the one who pulls the items for your order.


Overall, I like this is a nice convenient option to have your groceries delivered.  I feel like the promo offer was helpful is bringing me aboard this service.  In fact after this order I have received additional promo codes that have been very enticing that I have already made a second order less than 2 weeks after the first one.  And while many don't understand why I would choose to do this when I live so close to the store, I am still going to continue to try new things that will help me save time and money!

Have you tried a grocery delivery service in your area before?