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How to Get Unlimited Global Wifi

 I might be the last person on the planet who doesn't have a regular monthly cell phone plan with a smart phone. While I do have several smart devices none of them have a data plan connected with them. Typically here in the United States free wifi is easy to find & use with your wifi enabled devices.  A friend of mine was traveling out of the United States and needed something so she didn't have to use her data.  It was then when I discovered a company called Sky Roam.  Sky Roam is a Unlimited Global wifi hotspot that you can rent or purchase.

How does it work?

 Once you've made the decision to either rent or purchase the portable wifi hotspot from Sky Roam you pre-pay a fee for a daypass to have wireless Internet access. The cost on the pass depends on how many days you choose, typically it runs $10 a day. If you are renting the hotspot the rental price of the device is included in your rental & it is shipped to you atleast 1 day before your rental begins.  You can connect up to five devices to one hotspot.  The Wi-Fi hotspot uses information from cell towers to give you access to Wi-Fi.

Is it easy to use?

 It is extremely easy to set up. Once you turn on the device it will take you to the home screen and if you are ready to begin your service you click on the start button and your service starts.  You have 24 hours to use each day pass that you have pre-purchased. On the screen it will tell you how many hours you have left and how much of the data you have used. While it is unlimited data after a certain point it does slow down the speed of the data.  Once your rental period ends you send it back to them in the prepaid return envelope they provided.

My experience

I paid for the rental on a friday afternoon, because the shipping department was closed my order was not able to be confirmed until Monday.  During this time the team was excellent at keeping me up to date on shipping via email and text.  I rented the devise for a two day period even though I only needed it for one because I didn't see a one day rental option.  I had found a discount code online which made my rental free and all I paid for was shipping.  Included in my rental was a padded carry case, the hotspot, usb charging cord, universal plug and a laminated direction card. 

I was attending a special media night that I wanted to share in real time on social media. During the event the hotspot worked great for checking email, sending messages & posting to some social media apps like Instagram & snapchat. On the Sky Roam website they mentioned this hotspot isn't good for streaming video, but I was able to stream live video to Facebook and Instagram with no problems.  By the end of the evening I hardly used any of my data.

The next day since my day pass wasn't over I decided to test out the hotspot again.  It was a cloudy and overcast day and it seemed to have an effect on the hotspot.  I was having trouble getting it to connect and definitely not able to use any social media apps. The weather cleared and I didn't have any trouble getting my email or playing my Pok√©mon Go app, but social media apps  still were not wanting to work.

Overall I think this is a great option to have when you are away from free wifi locations or if you don't have access to cell phone data.  I only tested in a big city with lots of cell service, so I'm not sure how it would in a more remote location.  I would certainly like to rent this again, maybe on a vacation to the beach or even Disneyland.  This company has excellent customer service and was very quick to reply to my messages when I was trying to track my shipment and return.  I was also given a code for $20 off to share with friends feel free to use this link to set up your rental and gain access to the code. If you rent through the link I will also receive a two day pass towards my next rental.

Would you ever rent a device like this when going on vacation?