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New Items at Starbucks (July 2017)

Last week Starbucks rolled out some new items to their menu.  They are slowly removing many of the sugary flavorings we all love and replacing them with new natural flavors that are free of artificial flavor & sweeteners.

They released 3 new Teavana Shaken Tea flavors, I am told are permanently on the menu not just a special limited time offering, however don't quote me on that Starbucks tends to change things up often.  These new drinks are called Teavana Shaken Tea Infusion.  The flavors are: Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion,  Strawberry Green Tea Infusion and Pineapple Black Tea Infusion.  All 3 flavors can also be made in a Tea-Lemonade as well.

I was able to try all 3 flavors on Friday, July 14th when they had a special free tasting at select participating store locations.  Each Tea Infusion is very different from each other.  I have to say my favorite 
was the Strawberry Green Tea with Peach Citrus White Tea as a close second.  I personally did not like the Pineapple flavoring in the black tea, normally I like black tea but the pineapple just didn't taste great for my preference.  There really isn't any information yet on their website about the nutritional information and list of ingredients, so while I am assuming they are gluten free I have not verified it yet.

Another new item to the menu will certainly please my vegetarian 
and vegan friends is they have a new Bento Box.  The box has veggies (tomatoes, carrots, celery) and hummus.  It is quite a bit of veggies compared to other snack style boxes I have seen other non Starbucks places.  What I like about this new box is that it is all 
organic.  It doesn't say gluten free on the box but after reading the back carefully I didn't see any ingredients that contain gluten.  The hummus brand is called HOPE and after some searching I see this is a certified GF hummus.  I ate this for lunch and it was yummy and left me feeling full, in addition to my teas I sampled.  I would definitely buy it again and I am very excited to have a grab and go option.

One other item I noticed is that the packaging has been redesigned is the Chicken & Quinoa Salad.  It used to be in a small squarecontainer and now it is in a circular larger bowl.  At a glance it appears to contain more chicken but I am not sure if they actually added a bigger salad or just changed the container design.  This is also not labeled gluten-free but based on the ingredients I don't see any words that scream gluten. Honestly in the past I have eaten this salad but I opt to skip the dressing and add my own dressing from home.

Looks like Starbucks is making positive changes to attract  more healthy aware customers to their locations.  I hope they will continue to expand their menu to include healthy and gluten-free options.

Have you tried the new Tea Infusion yet? What is your favorite flavor?