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Back to School Failure

This year my youngest starts high school.  Luckily he attends a small charter school that is 7-12th grade, so the transition to high school should be minimal.  This school year (which starts August 8th) Society tells me I have failed as a parent at getting my kid ready for the new school year.

Well all these articles are popping up on social media about how you should transition your kids from the summer fun up late sleep schedule to the school routine 2 weeks before.  Have them go to bed 15 minutes early each night until they reach the desired  bedtime you have chosen. And to wake them up super early the next morning.  I had all intentions to do something like this but come on it is summer so yes I was the parent who let their kid stay up to play video games & put himself to bed. I've tried for the last week to wake my kid up at 7am but the kid won't budge! Oh and forget an alarm clock because once this kid is asleep he is out, not even the zombie apocalypse could wake him up!

Back to school shopping, I haven't even started to think about this yet.  Let me just say I am no longer the parent who will go out and buy a new backpack, shoes and a new outfit if your old ones are still in good condition.  My son had a growth spurt during the last week of school so I already bought new shoes and clothes.  We already have like 4 barely used backpacks around here from previous years. 

Pro Tip: buy Jansport brand Backpack because they have a lifetime replacement/repair warranty on them (that is why I have so many backpacks while I sent one off I bought another).

School supplies oh my goodness I have a plethora of those! Over the years I've  cleaned out my kids bags to find hardly used crayons and I probably have enough to start my own crayon factory.  These days most of the kids school work is done on computers. Sometimes I wonder if kids even know how to use a pencil anymore? So let's say you go out and buy all these things you think they need, well guess what on the first day of school the teachers give you a list of what they really need.  Now your kid is stressed because they don't have everything and that leaves you rushing to the store to get everything on the list.  Save yourself several trips to the store and just wait until the first week of school.

I know I can't be the only parent out there who kinda feels like they don't fit in the box society says they should at start of the school year?  Try not to beat yourself up over it, it's okay and your kid will survive by using last school years backpack and wearing clothes you bought back in May.  Society has it all wrong, you haven't failed, you are actually playing it smart by saving time and money!

Actual Photo of my kids supplies on 1st day of school
(all gently used or leftover from previous years)