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Dream Big

In May of 2018 I will be turning 40 years old. Each year I do the same thing which is fine but this year I wanted to do something special for myself. In these last 40 years there have been many hardships, struggles and most of all lots of wonderful accomplishments.  I think my 40th birth year is worth celebrating the entire year!

While nothing is officially set I do have some ideas.  I've always wanted to become a season pass holder at Disneyland. And to make the most of the pass I'd like to plan several trips through out 2018 to the park. Some of these trips I might be with friends and family but ofcorse I do like my me time too!

I have written out a list of special seasons/events that take place throughout the year and my hope is that I could attend each one at least once. Often these special seasons last for a few weeks so I might have a better chance in my schedule to make plans. 
Here is the list I have so far:

Lunar New Year
Egg Extravaganza 
Food & Wine Festival 
Dapper Day
My Birthday 
Halloween Season
Christmas Season 

Another thing I was thinking I might like to experience during one of my trips is a special dining experience. Of course my ultimate dream is to dine at Club 33 I'm not  holding my breathe because I you have to be a member or know one, dream big right, one day I will be able to experience that. I have seen several pictures of the high tea at the Disneyland Hotel. I love tea and it would be fun to attend. I would also like to experience the desert party at DCA world of color and the dining option for Fantasmic. Fantasmic might be a better option, especially if I'm with the family.

I don't know if I will be able to do all the things I want to do but I will have a great birth year no matter what the future holds. Not everyone will agree with my plans and that is fine. I hope I will be able to accomplish what I want and do what makes me happy! 

FYI for gift ideas for me on christmas, birthday, anniversary or for any occasion at all please send Disney gift cards or cash.